Community Programs

Flag Programs
American Legion Post 214 designates a “Color Guard” as a unit that presents the colors at various public events such as parades, school activities, veteran functions, and patriotic programs. The color guard may be as simple as carrying the American, POW/MIA, and Legion flags. Or it may consist of a full color guard unit that adds all of the military branch flags, as well as Auxiliary, SAL, and Jr. Auxiliary colors. A rifle escort is always included for the American flag. Post 214 designates an “Honor Guard” as a unit that provides funeral and/or graveside ceremonies in conjunction with the local funeral home, or at the request of the Cemetery. This unit may perform all aspects of the ceremony if there are no active military personnel available, or at the funeral director’s request after consultation with the family.

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The chaplaincy has many purposes. One of its major purposes is to help persons grow in their relationship with God and one another. Also, we serve as a reminder of the transcendent and seek to develop an environment which encourages Legionnaires with their personal and collective moral and spiritual growth. We are to remind all Americans that God is the source of all rights and privileges. The American Legion embraces all religions, faiths, and denominations within its ranks. Chaplains seek to minister to people wherever there is a need. when there is death, illness, or special concern in the membership. At that point the chaplain should provide all ministry and service available.

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